Herbert Ware (Ph.D. ’80) and Libby Ware Support the College of Education

Photo of Herbert (Ph.D. ’80) and Libby Ware
Herbert (Ph.D. ’80) and Libby Ware

For alumnus Herbert Ware, (Ph.D. ’80), the annual contribution he and his wife Libby give to Maryland is justified by decades of appreciation for his degree from the College of Education.

Herb credits his professional and personal success to his education at Maryland and has chosen to support the College through a direct contribution from the couple’s IRA required minimum distribution (RMD), a method that enables them to receive the benefit of reduced taxes on their income. “In a sense,” says Ware, “[we are] contributing from funds we never see.”

After a career supervising a math program for grades 7 through 12, serving as test director and time as an elementary school principal for Arlington Public Schools, and studying applications of research in the school system, Herb retired and soon found a new calling: teaching at the University of Maryland and George Mason University.

Herb remarks on the quality of the education he received at Maryland, noting that years after he finished his Ph.D. in 1980 he still retained much from his days as a doctoral student. When he transitioned to teaching at the university-level in 1996, he says, “it was easy to ‘warm up’ and pick up on statistical work again, essentially from where I left off.”

Herb has found that it’s not only he himself that has excelled with a Maryland education: “In my volunteer roles with national professional organizations, I found College of Education graduates extremely well-prepared and highly regarded. To me, such qualities justify our consistent financial commitment.”

Herb and Libby’s drive to support those who need more than they do, and to perpetuate the quality of a Maryland education, is what keeps them supporting the College of Education year after year. “Basically, it comes down to an appreciation for what my Maryland degree added to our lives.”


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