Janice Flug: Alumna, Staff, Supporter

Photo of Janice Flug.
Janice Flug

Janice Flug earned her master's in library science from the University of Maryland in 1975 while also working full-time at American University. She immediately joined the Alumni Association, primarily so she could continue to enjoy library and rec center privileges. But she soon started making annual donations to the libraries as a way to give back and to support what she calls "the heart of the institution" - an integral service that supports all courses of study and every student that crosses the threshold. She became a part of that service when she took a part-time, nine-month assignment working in the libraries that turned into 5½ years serving our campus community.

Janice is a savvy donor. She can easily explain the need for charitable giving to the University, what projects the funds will support, and why they are so important. But at the end of the day she says, "It is in your heart; you give for the love of it."

So, when Janice retired and started thinking about her financial plan moving forward, it just seemed logical to her to incorporate charitable gifts into her plan. She started learning about different ways to make a gift from her estate and thinking about what would work best for her. She decided to name several nonprofits, including UMD, beneficiaries of her IRA.

When asked what advice she would give to other alumni, Janice says people should think about what was most important to them during their time here and give from their hearts. She concludes, "The rest is easy."


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